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The website www.depot6.shop is the electronic commercial shop for the sale of products – furniture & decorations items (hereinafter referred to as the electronic shop or website) created and operated by the sole entrepreneurship under the name depot6 Single – Member Private Company seated in Piraeus at 41 Kastoros str. with TIN 800926112 of the 4th Piraeus Tax Office with email address [email protected], customer services line 2111820006 (hereinafter referred to as the business).

The following terms and conditions shall apply to the use of the electronic shop under the name “Depot 6” located on the website – URL www.depot6.gr owned by the business. Each user that accesses and transacts thereon or uses the services of the electronic shop (hereinafter referred to as the “guest” or/and “user” or/and “consumer” depending on whether he just accesses and browses on the electronic shop or places an order for the purchase of products or/and services) is considered to consent and unreservedly accepts the terms herein. If any user does not consent nor unreservedly accepts all the terms applicable to the operation of this website, then he is responsible for abstaining from visiting the website and using it as well as from entering into any transaction or use of the services on the electronic shop.

General terms:

The business reserves the right to amend and revise freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions on the electronic shop always in compliance with the applicable legislation whenever it is deemed necessary and it undertakes the obligation to notify the consumers on any change through the pages of this electronic shop. The contracts on the electronic shop are concluded in Greek.

Provided information and products:

The business warrants the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided on the electronic shop as to the identity of the business and the transaction provides on the electronic shop. The business in the course of good faith is not liable nor bound by the electronic data registrations that apparently took place by mistake or erroneously based on good judgment and it is entitled to correct them at any time it becomes aware thereof.

Limitation of liability:

In the course of its transactions over the electronic shop, the business is not responsible nor liable to pay damages for any harm or damage that might occur from the cancellation of orders, the non-execution or the delayed execution thereof on whatever grounds. It does not guaranty the availability of the products on the electronic shop but it informs the interested guest on its website, the consumer based on the record on the availability or not and undertakes the obligation in the event of any change thereto to notify immediately the interested consumers on the non-availability and so in this case as well it does not bear any further responsibility. The electronic shop provides the content (e.g. the information, names, photographs, depictions etc.), the products and the services available on the website “as such”. Under no circumstances the business bears any civil or criminal liability for any damage (compensatory, special or punitive damage to the consumers such as but not limited to, cumulatively or alternatively losses, loss of data, loss of profit, compensation etc.) that the guest on the electronic shop or any third party might have suffered due to any cause related to the operation or not or/and the use of the website or/and the inability to provide services or/and products or/and information available on it or/and any unauthorized interference by third parties to the products or/and services or/and information available thereon.

Passing of the risk:

In the course of a contract based on which the supplier sends the products to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage of the goods passes on the consumer when the latter or any third party that is appointed by the consumer other than the transporter is in possession of the goods. However, the risk passes on the consumer upon delivery to the transporter if the transporter has been ordered by the consumer to transport the goods and the said option has not been provided by the supplier notwithstanding the rights of the consumer against the transporter.

Intellectual property:

The entire content of the electronic shop including trading names, marks, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts etc. are part of the intellectual property of the business and are protects according to the relevant provisions of the national legislation, the European legislation and the international conventions. It is prohibited to copy, transfer or reproduce anything based on this content or mislead the public as to the actual provider of the electronic shop. The reproduction, republishing, uploading, publication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or on any means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon the prior written consent of the business or any other beneficiary of the intellectual property rights. The names, images, logos and insignia on the said electronic shop that describe it or the products or the services of the business or third parties are part of the proprietary assets of the business or third parties respectively that fall within the scope of the protection of the relevant laws on trademarks. The use thereof on the electronic shop does not constitute under any circumstances any authorization or license to use by third parties.

User’s liability:

The user/consumer agrees and undertakes the obligation to use the services, the information and the data on the electronic shop as the law provides and based on good faith and morality. He is obliged not to use the electronic shop with the trademark or the trading name “Depot6” for: 1. the dispatch, publication, emailing or transmission in other ways of any content that is illegal on whatever grounds, violates any right of or harms the business or any third party or is in breach of confidence or secrecy of anyone, 2. the dispatch, publication, emailing or transmission in other ways of any content that is contrary to morality, ethics, legal minority etc. 3. the dispatch, publication, emailing or transmission in other ways of any content for which the users are not authorized to transmit based on the law or any contract in force (such as internal information, property and confidential information acquired or revealed in the course of employment or fall within the scope of non-disclosure agreements), 4. the dispatch, publication, emailing or transmission in other ways of any content that is in violation of a patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights or other property rights of third parties of any kind, 5. the dispatch, publication, emailing or transmission in other ways of any content with malware or any such codes, files or programs designed to interfere, harm, destroy the operation of any software or hardware, 6. the intended or not violation of the applicable legislation or provisions, 7. any third party harassment in any way, 8.  the collection or storage of personal data of other users.

Limited license:

The electronic shop under the terms and conditions included herein and any applicable legislation and regulation grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal limited right of access, use and presentation of this website and the content hereof. This license does not constitute a transfer of title on the website and its content and is subject to the following limitations: (1) you must keep on all the copies of the website and its content any intellectual property and other property rights disclaimer and (2) you may not amend the website and its content in any way nor reproduce nor make it available to the public nor disseminate nor use in any other way the website and its content for any public or commercial purpose unless it is expressly permitted herein.

Links of the website www.depot6.shop:

Any links on the electronic shop direct you to pages of the shop or in certain cases direct the user from the said shop to third party websites, businesses etc. The linked websites are not controlled by the business and the business does not bear any responsibility for the content of any such website or any link included in the former or any changes or updates of any such website. The business is not liable for any online emission or any kind of transmission from any linked website. The business has these links on its electronic shop just to facilitate the use of the electronic shop; their use is not mandatory for the guest/customer and the fact that they are on the electronic shop does not signify that the business approves of or accepts their content.

Privacy policy:

The business created this website with the sole intention to serve its customers. The website www.depot6.shop is plane and user friendly and it has been designed in order to address the specific needs of each user. In order to better serve you, it is important that you, the guest – consumer provide us with the necessary information on the handling of your order which are stored by us.

Your personal data are being processed according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), any sectorial applicable national and European legislation, the applicable from time to time national legislation on data protection and the privacy in telecommunications (Law 3471/2006 as applicable from time to time) and the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. The business is compliant with the GDPR framework.

This privacy policy and the attached hereto terms and conditions of use of this website describe the data collection method on the website www.depot6.shop, the use of these data by us and the terms and conditions of use of this website. This privacy policy concerns only your personal data that you provide to us upon the placement of your order on this website.

What personal data are:

Personal data are the data that identify you directly or indirectly. Indirectly means in combination with other information such as your name, address, email address and telephone number or unique device identifier.

General provisions: The information that the users of the said website have provided willingly is used by the business and the electronic shop www.depot6.shop in order for its users to communicate directly and effectively with the shop, get answers on specific questions they have and finally receive the services they want and get their orders executed. The information that the business collects through the website aim at measuring the traffic on the website, determine the needs of the customers – consumers for more products and facilitate the transactions between the business and the consumers. The business does not disseminate the emails nor any other information on the users, guests and customers – clients to any organization nor partner that is not affiliated to the electronic shop www.depot6.shop other than its direct partners involved in the handling of the orders.

Gathering of information: The electronic shop www.depot6.shop has designed its website in order for its users to be able to access it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to do so. The guests on our website are asked to provide us with their personal data only in the event that they want to order products, register to our website or/and send an email to the electronic shop www.depot6.shop.

Use of information. The website www.depot6.shop collects four types of information on the users: (1) information that the user provides upon his registration as a customer, (2) information that the user provides in order for www.depot6.shop to handle his order, (3) information that the user provides in order to participate in competitions that take place from time to time, (4) information that the user provides to us upon accessing through another platform (iOS, Android, Facebook, Google, Instagram applications etc.). When filling in any order form on our website, we shall ask for your full name, address, post code, email, telephone number, credit card information, means of payment for your order. In addition, thereto, we may ask for more specific information such as dispatch – delivery information of an order, pricing information or details on a discount that you have asked. The electronic shop www.depot6.shop uses the information you provide during the electronic submission of the form in order to contact you on (i) the delivery of the order at your address, (ii) the verification and identification of the customer whenever deemed necessary, (iii) new or alternative products available on www.depot6.shop, (iv) special offers on www.depot6.shop, (v) receipt of awards from a competition. We may choose whether you wish to receive these kind of notifications from the electronic shop www.depot6.shop by sending your request by email at [email protected]


Access to information. The handling of each order requires for the collection of personal information on the delivery or the execution of an order. Moreover, the use of a credit card that requires for identification documentation of the legal holder only upon the first use thereof in order to be credited is also ensured. Any documentation and document that verifies and identifies the customer shall be kept in strict confidence and it is reviewed only by the competent department of the electronic shop www.depot6.shop. The submission of your personal data by you signifies your consent to the use of these data by the personnel of the electronic shop www.depot6.shop for the purposes mentioned above. The electronic shop www.depot6.shop asks of its employees and its website maintenance crew to provide to the users-customers the level of security included in this privacy policy. Under no circumstances may the electronic shop www.depot6.shop share your personal data with others without your prior consent unless it is necessary based on any lawful action provided in the application legislation. Please consider that under certain circumstances it is allowed or mandatory by law or a court decision to collect, use or disclose your personal data that have been collected online without your prior consent (for example in the case of a court order).

Use of personal data:

We will use your personal data for the purposes described above. We do not collect nor process any further nor other kind of personal data than those which are necessary in order to achieve the respective purpose. We will use the personal data only according to the applicable privacy policy unless you have granted a special consent on another use of your personal data. If we intend to use your personal data that we process upon your consent for purposes other than those communicated to you in order to consent thereto, we shall inform you in advance and in the event that the processing takes place upon your consent, we shall use your personal data for another purposes only upon the relevant express permission and consent from you as provided by law.

Use of the customers’ data for marketing purposes: In order to keep improving and enhancing our services, it is possible to send you marketing emails on our business which might be of interest to you. You may choose at any time the type of communication that you wish to receive by updating your email preferences. You may also be deleted at any time. When you send you SMS on your mobile number that you have provided in your order, we intend to inform you on the progress of your order. Through the account that you have created on our website, you may choose to receive or not any such advertising/promotional material via SMS.

Consent: You shall not use your personal data for advertising purposes unless you have granted your free consent in advance. However, as to the existing customers, it is possible to use your email address that you have provided us in the course of our current relationship in order to provide you with marketing material on similar products or services to those that you have already asked for, used or might be of interest to you. However, you may object to this use at the time of the collection and each time you send a message. In order to stop receiving unsolicited marketing emails, follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Legal obligations and legal defense: It is possible that we might use and retain your personal data for legal reasons and compliance requirements such as the prevention, detection or investigation of a crime, prevention of loss, fraud or any other misuse of our services and information systems. It is also possible to use your personal data for internal or external audit purposes, information security purposes or the defense or exercise of our rights, confidentiality, security, our assets or the assets of other persons.

Use of the home page www.depot6.shop:

This privacy policy applies also to our website www.depot6.shop (“website”) under the following mechanisms and characteristics on confidentiality.


The website www.depot6.gr may use cookies in order to facilitate and provide the services on its website. Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on the computer of the user allowing websites such as www.depot6.gr to operate continuously and without any technical abnormalities, collect multiple selections of the user, identify frequent users, facilitate their access thereto and collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not harm computers nor the files where they are stored. We use cookies in order to provide you with information and execute orders but also for allowing us to present you with advertising and information material relevant to your interests and needs. You should keep in mind that cookies are necessary is order for the website www.depot6.gr to operate properly and smoothly.

Cookies are classified as follows:

  • Necessary cookies. They provide for the basic functions of the site such as add to chart, save products on wish list, e-payment. Without these cookies, the smooth operation of the website is directly affected, your personal browsing experience is limited and the basic e-commerce functions under-perform.
  • Operational cookies. These cookies have a memory of your preferences when you browse through our website in order for us to be able to suggest the suitable products for you based on your needs and in this way help you find what you need more easily.
  • Performance cookies. Performance cookies collect information on how guests use our website. They allow us to see which pages are more frequently visited, inform us on any problems during browsing etc. These cookies do not collect information that identify the guest as this information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. They are only used for improving the operation mode of depot6.gr. – Marketing cookies. These cookies are used to provide advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests. They are also used for sending advertisements or offers that better address your needs by limiting in this way any spam or pointless messages. Moreover, they help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
  • Cookies Analytics. It is a subgroup of operational cookies and give us the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of different operations on our website by constantly improving in this way the experience we offer you.

Third suppliers including Google may present advertisements of the company on websites, use cookies for information, optimization and advertising purposes based on a previous visit of the user on the website www.depot6.gr. The website www.depot6.gr may also make use of cookies from your previous visit to our page for repetition marketing. You may choose to be excluded from any such use of cookies by Google by selecting “reject”. Moreover, you may set your browser (chrome, firefox, edge etc.) to inform you each time before accepting a cookie and decide on whether you wish to accept it or reject it. In this case, you should consider the fact that you may not be able to take advantage of all its potential.

The website www.depot6.gr may use the functions of Google Analytics for promotion advertisements (e.g. repetition marketing, online Google search report etc.). Using Advertisement Settings, guests may be excluded from Google Analytics with regard to promotional advertisements and also adjust the advertisements on online Google search. Here are the available exclusion settings for Google Analytics online.

The website www.depot6.gr complies with the interest-based advertising policy of Google AdWords and the limitations with regard to sensitive categories and:

The website www.depot6.gr and third suppliers including Google jointly use cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) in order to inform, optimize and promote advertisements based on the previous visits of certain users on its website, to draft reports on the way in which the advertisements of www.depot6.gr appear, interactions with the said advertisements and advertising services related to the visits on the website www.depot6.gr.

The website www.depot6.gr may use data from interest-based advertisements of Google or data from a common third party (such as age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics. We reserve the right to amend this cookies policy at any time. Any amendments to this cookies policy shall apply from the moment that the revised cookies policy is available on our website. Third party marketers and other businesses that we work with may use their cookies to collect information on your activities on our website. We do not control these cookies.

Transfer of undertaking:

In the event of restructuring, reorganization, merger or sale or in any other way transfer of the assets of the undertaking, we shall transfer the data including the personal data to a reasonable scale and as necessary for the transfer of undertaking and under the condition that the recipient shall agree to respect your personal data in a way that complies with the applicable legislation on data protection. We shall continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal data and inform the data subjects affected before any of the personal data are subject to a different privacy policy.

Processing of personal data of minors:

The company shall not collect nor process personal data of minors under 16 unless parental consent has been granted according to the local applicable legislation. If we realize that the personal data of a child have been collected by mistake, we shall erase these data without an further delay.

Correction, Amendment or Erasure of Information

The website www.depot6.gr allows for the users to correct, change, supplement or erase their data and information that have been provided or submitted to www.depot6.gr. If you choose to erase any information, the website www.depot6.gr shall ensure that the information will be erased from its records immediately. In the course of the protection and security of the user, the website www.depot6.gr will attempt to verify that the person making the changes is actually the user himself. In order to have access, amend or erase your personal data, report any problem as to the operation of the website or submit a question on your personal data, you may contact the website www.depot6.gr or by email at [email protected] The change or the correction of your personal data may also take place on the registration form on the website www.depot6.gr. You should consider however, that we do our best to protect your personal data but the protection of your access code to our website is your responsibility and the website www.depot6.gr is not liable under any circumstances.

Transaction security:

All internet traffic (file transfer) between this website www.depot6.gr and your browser is encrypted and transferred on the HTTPS protocol using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Your transactions by card are carried out in the secure environment of National Bank of Greece.

The i-bank e-Simplify application of the National Bank of Greece is a safe and reliable solution for executing and handling your payment transactions at our e-shop www.depot6.gr given that:

  • It is a fully certified system according to the international security standard PCI DSS
  • It is fully compatible with the security protocol EMV 3-D Secure and meets the requirements of the Strong Customer Authentication – SCA that minimizes the risk of fraud in electronic transactions.
  • It supports tokenization, i.e. the secure replacement of your card information by a token used in transactions. Aiming at protecting the card holder and the business, all the card information that have been provided in order to be used in repeated payments are replaced by tokens used in transactions.


We have implemented the appropriate level of security and therefore we have realized reasonable real-world, online and administrative procedures for the protection of the data that we collect from any random or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized communication or access to the personal data that are transferred, stores or being processed in any other way. The information security policy that we have implemented is harmonized with the international standards; it is revised on a regular basis and it is updated in order to fulfill the requirements of the law and our business needs, the technological changes and the regulatory requirements. Access to your personal data is only granted to the personnel of the company and its direct partners that need to have this kind of access in order to execute the orders. In the event of any violation concerning personal data, the business shall proceed as the law provides regarding to the communication of the violation.

Your legal rights:

Being the data subject you have specific legal rights on your personal data that we collect from you. The company respects your rights and shall sufficiently address your concerns. The following list contains information on your legal rights that arise from the applicable data protection legislation:

  • Right to withdraw your consent: When the processing of the personal data takes place based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Right to rectification: You may request of us to rectify your personal data. We make any reasonable effort to retain your personal data that we hold or we control and use them constantly as accurately, completely, updated and relevant as possible based on the latest information made available to us. Moreover, you have the possibility to review and rectify your personal data by accessing your personal account on our website depot6.gr
  • Right to restriction of processing: We may request of us to restrict the processing of your personal data in the event that:
  • You question the accuracy of your personal data during the time period that we need in order to verify their accuracy
  • The processing is illegal and we request for the restriction of processing instead of the erasure of your personal data
  • We do not need your personal data any more but you do need them in order to establish, exercise or defend your legal claims or
  • You object to the processing during the time period that we verify whether your legal interests override ours.
  • Right of access: We may ask for information on the personal data that we retain on you including information on the categories of personal data that we hold or control, for what purpose it is used, where they were collected from, if not from you directly and to whom it has been communicated on a case-by-case basis. You may receive from us a copy of your personal data that we retain free of charge.
  • Right to data portability: Upon your request, we may transfer your personal data to another data controller, when it is technically feasible, under the condition that the processing is based on your consent or it is necessary for the performance of a contract. Instead of receiving a copy of your personal data, we may request for the transfer of your data to another data controller that you shall indicate to us directly.
  • Right of erasure: We may ask of us to erase your personal data when:
  • your personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or have been processed,
  • you have the right to object to the further processing of your personal data and you exercise the said right
  • the processing takes place based on your consent, we have withdrawn your consent and there is no other legal basis for the processing
  • your personal data have been processed unlawfully unless the processing was necessary
  • it occurred in compliance with a legal obligation that requires processing of the personal data by us
  • in particular, it concerns legal obligations on performing duties
  • it refers to the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.
  • Right to object: You may object at any time to the processing of your personal data due to your particular situation under the condition that the processing is not based on your consent but on our legal interest or the legal interest of third parties. In this case, we shall not process your personal data any more unless we may prove that it is imminent and there are overriding legal interests to justify the processing or the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. If you object to the processing, we kindly request that you clarify to what extent you wish for your personal data to be erased or for the processing by us to be restricted.
  • Right to complaint: In the event of an alleged violation of the applicable legislation on confidentiality, we may file a complaint with the supervisory data protection authority in Greece or the country where you reside or where the alleged violation took place. We shall try to address your request within 30 days. However, this deadline might be extended for specific reasons that concern a particular legal right or the complexity of your request.
  • Restriction to access: In certain cases, it is possible that we could not provide access to all or several of your personal data based on the applicable legislation. If you deny your request for access, we shall inform you on the reasons of the denial.
  • Non recognition: In certain cases, it is possible that we are not in the position to search for your personal data due to the information you provide in your application. Two kinds of personal data that we cannot look for when you provide your name and email address are:
  • data collected by cookies on the browser
  • data collected on social media under the condition that you have uploaded a comment using a pseudonym that is not known to us. In such cases, when we cannot identify the data subject, we are not in the position to address your request on the exercise of your legal rights as described herein unless you provide us with additional information that allow for your identification.
  • Exercise of your legal rights: In order to exercise your legal rights, we kindly request that you contact us in writing by email to the following address: [email protected] Moreover, you may address our data protection officer at [email protected]


Retention of your personal data:

In general, we shall erase your personal data that we collect from you if it is not necessary any more in order to serve the purposes for which they were initially collected. However, it is possible that we are asked to store your personal data for a longer period pursuant to the applicable legislation. Moreover, we shall not erase all your personal data, if you do not wish for us to communicate with you in the future. Therefore, the business shall retain the files that contain information on the persons that do not wish to receive any further communications in the future (e.g. via unsolicited emails). We classify your requests as consent to the storage of your personal data for the purpose of retaining the said file unless you instruct us otherwise. We kindly request that you address your questions on data protection and any application on the exercise of your legal rights to the data protection officer at [email protected]


Periodical changes:

The website of the business www.depot6.shop informs and improves the webpage thereof and the relevant thereto products and services; it shall revise this policy as well. We recommend that you read this procedure regularly in order to be informed on any changes to the content of this privacy policy. This policy shall be amended from time to time without any prior notification to the users.


Acceptance of the protection of secrecy procedure implemented by the website www.depot6.shop:

When you visit this website, you accept and consent to this Privacy Policy as well as the terms and conditions of use of the website that have been uploaded to the said website.


Refund policy

Return of product due to delivery by mistake or defective products:

In the event that the delivered product is other than the sold ones in kind or quantity or there is a missing characteristic that has been agreed to in writing in advance with the business, or defective products are delivered, the customer returns the products for checking and determination of the mistake. In this event, the business shall bear the cost of returning the products to the company as well as the cost of the new delivery of the products to the customer under the condition that the suggested by the company way of return is implemented.


Refund of non defective products

The refund of non defective products is possible only upon special written agreement with Depot6.


Means of payment:

  • By credit or debit card online on our website with a link to the bank’s secure environment

Most of the credits and debits cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron) may be used. Your transactions are completely secure; we do not store your card’s data as you are redirected to the secure servers of the bank. Your card is debited only upon the preparation of the parcel. That means that if your order is not executed for whatever reasons, your money is immediately released.

Any payment that takes place by card is carried out on the electronic payment platform of the bank which is encrypted. The encryption is a means of codification of the information until it reaches the specific recipient who shall be able to decrypt it by using the appropriate key.

  • Payment by wire transfer to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: DEPOT SIX


Account number: 18800402317

IBAN: GR8301101880000018800402317


We kindly request that in the comment of the deposit you shall mention either the order number or your full name in order to verify your order. In case of a wire transfer by another bank than the banks collaborating with our business, 2-3 days are necessary (depending on the financial institution) in order for the deposited amount to be available.



Thank you.